We are an authorised education consultancy in Kathmandu,Nepal

  1. CQUniversity
  2. Swinburne University of Technology
  3. Excelsia College
  4. Sydney Metro College
  5. Riverton Institute Of Business & Technology
  6. Australian Institute of Higher Education 
  7. Group College Australia 
  8. SABT
  9. Nurse Training Australia
  10. Education Training & Employment Australia
  11. Royal Gurkha Institute Of Technology
  12. Education Training & Employment Australia
  13. Skyline International College
  14. Yes College 
  15. Institute of Health and Nursing Australia 
  16. Queensford College

We are an Australian authorised education consultancy in Kathmandu,Nepal. Find out how to apply for a student visa for Australia , and what requirements you'll need to meet. Please contact us for more details. We are the best consultancy in Kathmandu, Nepal for Australia.