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Himalayan World Wide Educational Consultancy welcomes to you and thanks to you for visiting our website. Himalayan World Wide Educational Consultancy is registered with the Ministry of Industry and approved by the Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal. Registration Number: 152757/073/074 Ministry of Industry, Nepal. Our business name Himalayan World Wide Educational Consultancy is also registered with Australian securities and investments commission (ASIC). An Australian business number (ABN) is 28385332578 registered with the Australian Business Register (ABR).

Himalayan World Wide Educational Consultancy (HWWEC) is an educational consultancy that provides help and advice to Nepalese Students who pursue higher education abroad. We believe that education is a fundamental right, and everyone should have access to quality higher education. With this view in mind, we strive to create opportunities for those who have genuine aspiration and honest intention, who seek excellent quality in student services, qualifications and career prospects.


Our IELTS preparation course will teach you valuable English skills and strategies for taking the IELTS exam, helping you to achieve a better score.

The IELTS preparation course will teach you about the different exam sections, the ways to maximize your exam time, and the types of questions you will face on the IELTS exam. You will also practice reading, writing, listening and speaking, and improve your grammar and vocabulary. We are the best IELTS institute in Kathmandu, Nepal.

MESSAGE FROM CEO - Roshani Shrestha

Registration Number: 152757/073/074 (Ministry of Industry, Nepal)-2016/7/28

 ABN: 28385332578 (Australia)


I am pleased to welcome you to the Himalayan World Wide Education Consultancy website.   Regarding my experience, I have been in the educational consultancy field for a decade and have worked as a senior consultant, head of department and manager since 2007. I have attended seminars, training, and workshop related to student visa and study abroad in Nepal, India, and Australia. I am often suggested to start a career as a CEO of my own company and do something different, enjoy more job flexibility, and, hopefully, gain more experience in this field. My varied experiences have given me the opportunity to talk with hundreds of consultants over the years. After spending decades in the consultancy and academic field, we the team of consultants, teachers, and other professionals have managed to open our own consultancy. The educational consultancy has the potential to be profitable second career options for educators.

 We work in the best interest of both students and our partner universities and colleges - we are professional and reliable. We will follow the code of conduct of the Ministry of Education of Nepal and Educational Consultancies Association of Nepal, ECAN.

Besides sending students abroad, HWWEC delivers an international educational experience, providing the right guidance, information, and counselling. In addition to the professional code of conducts, we observe ethical, moral, and personal values to maintain high standards in our work.

 At HWWEC, students are provided multiple choices for the abroad study and our test preparation courses are taught through modern approaches and tools. We aim to give students the information they require making an informed choice on their study abroad course and universities and provide them with the services they expect to commence their higher study abroad successfully. Taking higher education overseas gives opportunities to broaden students' horizons of knowledge and skills. It also enhances employment potentials, facilitates career developments, and establishes social status.

Find out how to apply for a student visa for Australia, and what requirements you'll need to meet. Please contact us for more details. Himalayan World Wide Educational Consultancy is the best consultancy in Kathmandu, Nepal.